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It’s official: our cd / vinyl distribution department is launched!

It’s official: our cd / vinyl distribution department is launched!

we’ve just officially opened our brand new cd and vinyl distribution department! Yay! To celebrate we’re offering a one-time free distribution to hundreds of record stores across the Benelux, to all our members! Note that this is a one-time offer and usually only available as a part of the Indieplant Indie membership.

How does it work?

If you are a paying member already you can apply here.

Not yet an Indieplant member? Become a member before 10 November 2011, we’ll provide you with free distribution!

These terms and conditions apply:
Please note that this is a temporary discount price and only replicated cds and vinyl that are sealed can be distributed, so no duplicated cds. We do not charge any startup fee. The distribution itself takes place on a fifty-fifty basis. An agreement and instructions will be sent to you when you participate.

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