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Cookies and Privacy

Indieplant websites use cookies and track activity of their visitors, which data we use to offer the best support if they become customers/members. You can read more info, change privacy settings and agree to our Privacy Policy to continue. More info.

More info

We're currently working on improving our Privacy Policy and increasing the security on our websites. Note that we may inform you of changes in our policies in the next few weeks.

Indieplant websites gather anonymous analytics about the activity of our website visitors and track the activity of our website visitors, which data we only use if they become customers and/or members, to offer personalized customer service. We also track if people visit our web pages by clicking on links in our emails and ads on Facebook.

We also show 'Share' and 'Like' buttons on certain pages and may display personalized ads on certain pages. You can disable these functionalities.

Which websites?

Indieplant runs a number of websites and this Cookies and Privacy Policy is the same for all of them.

We don't share personal or anonymous data of our visitors, customers or members with third parties.
We use cookies for website functionality like saving your choise of language and these privacy settings.
We track the activity of our visitors anonymously and only use this info when visitors become customers/members.
Choose whether you want to hide social media 'Share' and 'Like' buttons.
Choose whether you want us to be able to track your activity and show personalized ads.