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Win 500 CDs in Wallet
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Visit the Indiefair

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, we're hosting the first ever Indiefair in P60, Amstelveen. An event especially for independent musicians. With seminars by professionals from the music industry, live performances by awesome upcoming acts, workshops, a demo cafe to drop your music off and the possibility to network with awesome record labels and other musicians like yourself. The fair will be concluded by the award ceremony with the audience and jury prizes for the winners of the band battle!

Indieplant Members get 2 euro discount per ticket! Just use the button below to get tickets with your discount.

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We've made some changes to the Indieplant Academy

You may have noticed that we have redesigned the Indieplant Academy just now. We have improved the layout and will now make new lessons available to you automatically each week and we'll track your progress along the way. We hope you like these changes and that you're motivated to complete a new lesson each week!

In case you were in the middle of a course and are no longer able to continue due to these changes, please send us a mail and we'll give you access.

EmailTo the Academy

Sign up for the upcoming Indieplant Seminar in Amsterdam

The next Indieplant Seminar will be on Saturday 14 October 2017, from 14:00 until 16:00, in Amsterdam. Here you can learn about the latest changes in the music industry and get a grasp on how to use your Indieplant Membership as effectively as possible. You will also be able to ask any question you may have.

Please send a Facebook Message to George Indieplant if you would like to join the next Seminar!

Message George

Join the Giveaway for 500 CDs in Wallet!

Indieplant is giving away 500 CDs in Wallet, combined with an online distribution and promotion package! If you would like to win this giveaway, make sure to join the competition at the Indieplant Facebook page!

You can enter the competition until 2 October.

The competition has ended. Keep an eye at the Facebook page for upcoming giveaways! Facebook

Backstage has a new coat of paint!

We've been working long and hard on improving the Indieplant Backstage website and we hope you like the new design! Please take a few minutes to click through the phases 'Manage', 'Create', 'Distribute', 'Promote' and ' Gig' and open the 'Toolbox' in the top right to see all available tools and services.

Do you have feedback for us to improve Backstage and our services? Please let us know!

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Submit your project

If you have a cool project where you could use the help of another musician, manager, writer or other creative person with, you can submit a project to us.

EPK/Website/Facebook/YouTube: Describe your project and the people you're looking for:

To back up your description, you can add a MP3 to this project submission.This file will only be used for reference and won't be shared with third parties. Max file size: 5mb.

Please note that although we review all project submissions, we can't reply to all submissions or promise to distribute them in our network.

Connect request
We highly recommend you to learn about the style and requirements of this artist before sending this connect request. Please do your research to make sure you’ve got what this artist is looking for.

EPK/Website/Facebook/YouTube: Why are you the perfect candidate for this project:

To convince the artist that you're the man for the job, please add an MP3 of your best song. This file will only be used for reference and won't be shared with third parties. Max file size: 5mb.

Note that although we review all connect requests, we can't reply to all submissions or promise to send your message to the artist if we think you're not the perfect candidate.

Indieplant Connect is a new Backstage area where Indieplant Members can connect to work together on music projects. On top of that it’s the place to find artists from labels all over the world who are looking for collaborations. So share your plans and connect to other artists.

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